Fred Alvis

U. S. Army 

I was drafted out of Columbus Georgia in January of ‘71. Stayed in 3 years. Now live in Indianapolis, Indiana. Yes, the Indy 500 is near me as is the Brickyard 400 and the U.S. Nationals.


I was sent to Nam in July of ‘71 as a 67N20 (Helicopter Repairman). I was assigned to the 129th AHC (Assault Helicopter Company). Being on flight status already, I was made a door gunner on a slick. We mostly supported ROK troops, the Tiger Div. Our AO was in II Corp, mostly being between Qui Nhon to Pleiku, Bong Son and LZ English down to Tuy Hoa.


After 5 months I was transferred to a newly formed unit, the 60th AHC, near Nha Trang, supporting the ROK White Horse Div (mostly). There I was given my own ship as a crew chief. Returned in July of ‘72, assigned to Ft. Carson until ETS in ‘74. I am service connected at 0% but still fighting for PTSD rating. Don’t really care about monies from the VA, but here in Indiana we get a break on land taxes for that.


After spending most of my life working construction, I now work for one of the local Lowes Home Improvement canters as the tool guy. Welcome home.



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